Sharon Collison, M.S., R.D., LDN, CSSD - Nutritionist
Phone Number:  302-368-3007
Fax Number:  302-368-3009
Office Locations:
33 Lynam Lookout Drive, Newark, DE 19702
900 Foulk Road, Ste 200, Wilmington DE 19803
Fee Schedule:         
            $120        initial session (60 min)
            $ 56         follow up session (30 min) 
            $ 28         each additional 15 minutes of service
Office Policies: 
The fee is payable at the beginning of the session, by cash or check only, unless other arrangements have been made. Payment for sessions includes communication with other members of your health care team; however, extensive phone conversations or emails will be billed. Please contact me to discuss my fees. It is your responsibility to have your physician call in referrals, if needed, to your health insurance carrier prior to the appointment.  
Everything you tell me is confidential.  If it is necessary for me to speak with someone else about you, I will only do so if I have your written permission.  If your doctor referred you, he/she will receive a report from me within 2 weeks of your visit. 
Paperwork for Initial Session:
Cancellation policy: 
If you must cancel or change an appointment, call as soon as possible. For an appointment missed or cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, you will be billed for the full session.  This fee is not reimbursed by insurance.  Please make every effort to cancel Monday appointments by the preceding Friday. 
Appointment reminder calls are not made.  You are responsible to record your next appointment in your calendar.  Please make every effort to be on time for appointments.  If you arrive late, the appointment will still need to end at its scheduled time.  Appointments can be made for in-office visits or phone/email sessions.
Many insurance companies do not cover medical nutrition therapy, or only cover specific diagnosis codes. I am a participating provider for Aetna, Keystone, Independance Blue Cross and AmeriHealth and Blue Cross Blue Shield of DE.  It is your responsibility to find out if your individual plan covers medical nutrition therapy.  If you have another health insurance plan, you will need to have out-of-network benefits coverage to be eligible for reimbursement once you have met your deductible. It is best to speak to your insurance provider for more information about the services they will cover prior to your initial nutrition therapy session. Important questions to ask are how many sessions per calendar year will they cover and is there a pre-certification/pre-approval/pre-authorization process that needs to be completed prior to starting nutrition therapy. I can provide you with a Superbill to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. You also may want to check with your employer as many offer flexible spending programs where medical nutrition therapy is an eligible expense.
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